The Most Popular President

She eliminates the Internal Revenue Service. (The Fair Tax system works so much better.)
She stops war. (The State Department and US military do a wonderful job of getting countries out of the business of war and into international sports, music, and arts events that generate huge revenue and jobs for their countries.)
She sets up the Oval Office with a live stream 24 hours a day.
She campaigns on transparency, with her own FBI background check, all her tax returns, her voting record; and of course, the same for each of her staff posted on her website. (Which also details how much and from whom of every contribution to her campaign and so much more.)
Oh, and she becomes The Most Popular President Who Ever Lived (sofar).

the Cult Around the Corner

This is the most recent book published about "cults" - and is a book for the new millennium. It is about how to understand other people's religious choices and learning to live in a pluralistic society. Coming from a family that includes a sister who is atheist, a brother who is a Methodist minister and another sister married to a Catholic and raising four daughters, the author has had first hand experience coping with deep seated belief differences. The Cult Around the Corner is the perfect book for the challenges people are dealing with today on a personal and professional level coping with a shrinking world of every greater religious diversity.

Mean, Green and Ugly

Hate crimes, hate speech, hate groups, discussions that flare into screaming matches, deep-seated animosities used to justify bullying, verbal abuse, discrimination - even violence and killing. These are obvious; out there for all to see.
But what lurks unseen below the surface, behind the scenes, down the dark alleys where most people never travel?
"Mean, Green and Ugly" offers a theory about the underside of hate: how hate spreads, how hate is pushed out into society.
More than that, by breaking down into useful categories the methods by which hate breeds, this book provides ways you can see hate for what it really is and gives you practical ideas for fighting back through exposing hate's lies to truth.
This is a book for anyone who deals with people from parents to coaches, managers to school principals, fire chiefs to choir directors, CEOs to religious leaders.
Read this book, put it to use, make life more enjoyable for everyone.

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