Mean, green and ugly



Hate crimes, hate speech, hate groups, discussions that flare into screaming matches, deep-seated animosities used to justify bullying, verbal abuse, discrimination - even violence and killing. These are obvious; out there for all to see.
But what lurks unseen below the surface, behind the scenes, down the dark alleys where most people never travel?
"Mean, Green and Ugly" offers a theory about the underside of hate: how hate spreads, how hate is pushed out into society.
More than that, by breaking down into useful categories the methods by which hate breeds, this book provides ways you can see hate for what it really is and gives you practical ideas for fighting back through exposing hate's lies to truth.
This is a book for anyone who deals with people from parents to coaches, managers to school principals, fire chiefs to choir directors, CEOs to religious leaders.
Read this book, put it to use, make life more enjoyable for everyone.